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The Basics

If you’re looking for the hottest cultural tips in Rio you just found the right place. RioCult was born because I love to go out and so I always need to know the best parties, concerts, plays, exhibitions… happening around. It is usually followed by “insiders” as my main public are the Cariocas themselves. Then you should not expect to find those places that are only meant for tourists. This is the real deal where you’ll find entertainment that people who live in Rio and love culture actually go to. But of course tourists are welcome here!

So, even though you might not know a single word in portuguese, it is possible to get at least the basics of any event that’s posted here on RioCult. That’s because I always follow the same structure. Every post has the following information, which should be enough at least to get around:

  • Quando? (When?)

  • Quanto? (How much R$?)

  • Onde? (Where?) There is always a map, too: (mapa)

If you need any further advice in English you can post your doubts here. I’ll be glad to help!!

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